Small Business

Politicians blocking people on social media ignites debate

Aug 10, 2017

Politicians at all levels are embracing social media to discuss government business, and their ability to block people from their accounts has led to debate about whether that violates free speech rights

Seattle targets pot event in legal weed state, then drops it

Aug 9, 2017

Seattle targeted a nonprofit that runs an annual summer marijuana celebration for a $1,000 fine but later dropped the citation in the legal pot state

What's next? Who's next? Businesses need succession plans

Aug 9, 2017

Planning for who will take over for them should be a small business owner's priority

Sage grouse conservation changes draw mix of praise, alarm

Aug 8, 2017

The Trump administration's proposed changes to a plan to protect a ground-dwelling bird are drawing opposition from wildlife groups and support from the ranching and energy industries

Research marine mammal's move to tourist park causes stir

Aug 8, 2017

A marine mammal used in groundbreaking research on whale hearing and military sonar is again drawing attention - this time with her latest move to a Hawaii amusement park.

Get Started: Who has big profits? CPAs, real estate, lawyers

Aug 7, 2017

Accounting, real estate and legal services businesses were the most profitable private companies during the past 12 months

Woman saves piglet from traffic, raises cash for its surgery

Aug 5, 2017

A Pennsylvania woman who rescued a piglet that was darting in and out of morning rush hour traffic is getting help from local businesses to fund a surgery the animal needs to survive

EPA chief to reconsider paying claims over mine waste spill

Aug 4, 2017

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency says he will consider paying for economic damages from a 2015 mine waste spill triggered by agency crews

Arizona high court rules for rancher in cattle brand fight

Aug 3, 2017

An Arizona rancher who fought for years to retain sole use of his cattle brand won big in the Arizona Supreme Court Thursday when the court ruled the state didn't have the legal right to issue it to another cattle company

South Dakota governor launches initiative on workforce

Aug 3, 2017

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard says difficulty finding qualified employees is a major constraint on business growth nationwide

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