Jessica Cohen Orthodontics Offers Adult Braces

October 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Adults seeking a way to straighten their teeth can finally end their search with Highland Park, IL based Jessica Cohen Orthodontics’ adult braces. Such braces are not what one may expect them to be, however, and it is possible to achieve a perfectly straight smile without any of the associated discomfort.

Everyone wants a perfect smile, and there are ways to try and create one but not everyone had the opportunity to get their teeth fixed as a child. “As an adult in particular, having dental issues like misalignment can have huge negative implications, not only on your health but also your social life,” says an article titled ‘10 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Getting Braces.’ Getting one’s teeth realigned as an adult, however, is not a very attractive prospect to consider. No one really wants to walk around with braces in their thirties or forties, so many adults choose to simply not seek out any sort of tooth realignment procedures.

The decision to straighten one’s teeth can be life changing. Getting adult braces in Highland Park, IL is easy with the help of specialists like those found at Jessica Cohen Orthodontics. “How you look has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself,” continues the article. “If you have dental issues, more often than not your self-esteem will take a huge blow. And no, self-esteem issues don’t just affect teens and kids. As an adult, getting your teeth fixed will allow you to finally be comfortable in your own skin. Feeling great about yourself means that you will not hold back, and you will finally be able to achieve your full potential in life whatever you choose to pursue.”

Misaligned teeth can be very uncomfortable for the person who has to live with them. Beyond simply being aesthetically unappealing, misaligned teeth can actually cause serious physical discomfort, even causing headaches, jaw pain, and difficulty swallowing. Getting this issue corrected means that one will forever be free of the serious discomfort (and possibly pain) caused by badly aligned teeth. Fixing a misalignment can also significantly lower one’s risk of dental decay. Straight, properly space teeth are much easier to clean as they allow toothbrushes and dental floss to work as intended. This protects one’s teeth from cavities, gingivitis, and a myriad of other dental conditions.

As one ages, many things change, including one’s jaw bone structure. This can lead to previously mild conditions like misaligned teeth become much more noticeable. With adult braces, one will also correct any jaw issues they may have in addition to gaining straighter teeth. Another reason to get one’s teeth straightened is the fact that a healthier mouth often translates to a healthier body. As the article by Jessica Cohen Orthodontics states, “Most people don’t know this, but having disorganized teeth can have direct effects on your general health. One system commonly affected is the respiratory system. Research has proven that there is a direct correlation between misaligned teeth and sleep apnea. The digestive system is also affected with issues such as difficulty swallowing, as well as bloating and indigestion.” By fixing one’s teeth, one removes the possibility of these issues arising. Learn more here:

One of the main reasons many adults are opposed to braces is the fact that few people want to spend years with metal wires in their mouth. The traditional view of braces involves the idea of what are essentially miniature railroad tracks in one’s mouth. Modern dentistry has eliminated this, however, and adult braces are not what they used to be. Most adults that choose to get braces have clear aligners installed that allow the wearer to enjoy all the benefits of braces with none of the embarrassment.

Those looking for adult braces in Highland Park, IL are encouraged to contact Jessica Cohen Orthodontics today. They offer a wide variety of options for one to choose from in order to create the perfect smile.

Jessica Cohen Orthodontics caters to more than just adults, however. The dental office has services and treatments aimed at helping improve the oral health of children as well. “Many parents do not realize they can bring their children over to visit with an orthodontist when they are as young as seven years old,” says Dr. Cohen. “Parents often feel that it is too early because their child still has plenty of baby teeth, but seven years old is the ideal age to have an orthodontist examining your child’s teeth.”

Consulting an orthodontist early can help insure that one’s child maintains perfect oral health for years to come. An orthodontist can identify potential issues long before they become serious problems and can treat said issues. Overlapping or misaligned teeth can be fixed in early childhood with ease. Read more about Jessica Cohen’s orthodontic treatments for children in their blog post titled ‘When Kids Should See an Orthodontist.’ More information can also be found on their official website.


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