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Jun 5, 2020

June 6, 2020 —

As a content marketer the main question is how to get more eyeballs on your articles on which you are either selling a product or a service or even referring visitors to affiliate marketing sites. Any experienced marketer would tell you that getting free traffic to the article is one of the biggest challenges. Either you have to be a master Search Engine Optimization expert or a Social media influencer to get this traffic to the site. Or you will have to spend for every visitor coming to your site in a pay per click basis which is uncertain of converting into revenue. Adding to this challenge is the sheer amount of content which is produced on the internet each single minute. So if you wish to stand apart from the crowd, you will have to find new and innovative methods to drive traffic to your landing pages or find a way how to promote your content.

This is where Tabloid Wire comes to help the internet net community. Tabloid wire is a viral discovery platform which lets content marketers to share their message with audiences across the globe without having to spend a dime. The site is built in such way to encourage people to check various viral articles trending across the internet at any given time. Users are free to submit their link and add a title to the page which they wish to promote for free. This will take care of the traffic you need to promote your content or offers or products or services. There is no limit to the amount of content which one can submit on  The team of curators from will go through each and every submission and ensure only the best viral content is selected and approved to maintain a high quality of traffic to the website. Imagine sharing all your blog posts and assuming they are exceptional content articles, there will be huge traffic which you will receive for just sharing your links. Content from various industries like entertainment, humour, marketing, courses, education material, events, news, wealth, money making, offers, trading, investing, business, affiliate offers and just about anything. Tabloid Wire plans on marketing its site using a lot of platforms to get massive traffic to the website. So here is your chance to get the most of free traffic which the site offers.

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